Starting Fresh

I started reading the One Year Bible this morning.  Last year, I studied several books from the Old Testament, but I missed the continuity of Old and New.  And then this morning, I felt as though I had come home to the richness and fullness of God’s Word.  From day one, the Word of God proves to be unified, speaking through many men, but One Voice coming through. This is what I received from this morning’s reading.

Genesis 1:16 speaks of the creation of the sun, moon and stars that govern day and night (to point the way for seafarers and farmers alike), and then in Matthew 2:2 I read of the wisemen following a star placed in the heavens by God to announce the birth of His only begotten Son, Jesus (by the Holy Spirit who hovered over all creation in Genesis 1).  Genesis 2:10 tells of a river flowing from Eden and branching into four streams (north, south, east, west – like a cross) and one branch, the Pishon, is where gold is pure and aromatic resins (frankincense and myrrh) are found – and these are the gifts the wisemen bring to Jesus in Matthew 2:11.  Gold for a king – the King of kings.  Frankincense for a priest – our High Priest.  Myrrh for anointing the dead – a foreshadowing of the crucifixion. 

Psalm 1 David continues the lesson, but I hear that same quiet underlying foundational Voice.  Joy is the reward for those who do not follow the wicked (Satan who brings man’s fall).  Delight will come in doing what God wants and being in fellowship with Him.  “They will be like trees planted along a riverbank bearing fruit each season without fail.”  Reminiscent of the Garden of Eden.  Following the wicked (Satan and his minions and servants) brings condemnation at the time of judgment (Judgment Day).  Faith in God (Jesus Christ) brings joy and life (eternal).  Faith brings a return to the perfection of the Garden of Eden where Adam walked with God (Jesus). 

Then Proverbs 1:1-6 finishes the day’s lesson: Learn wisdom and discipline from the one who created you and loves you (Father).  He is the only One who has all knowledge and He has a unique plan for your life.  Be wise and walk with Him. 

Scripture is truly new every morning and God speaks to each of us personally through it.  Let Him direct your steps throughout 2011 – and beyond.