Changing Gears

Rick always knows when I’m getting antsy to begin writing again.  He can sense the inner tension in me, the restlessness.  Maybe I get a twitch or something.  Maybe I grind my teeth.   Sometimes I drum my fingers on the counter, as though there is an invisible keyboard.  Not that anything I would write at a time like that would make sense.  My fingers begin to ache.  Literally. Typing keeps arthritic pain at bay.  A pain-free life is a good enough reason to get to work, but not quite good enough when I’m not ready, when I don’t know where I’m going with the story that’s building in my head like steam in a tea pot with the lid on tight ready to blow. 

Ideas have never been my problem.  I have a file of ideas.  Three have grown over the last few years.  Two have come to dead ends or brick walls over the past months.  One is growing.  I can’t shake it.   It’s a little frightening because it is something new and different, something I’ve never tried before and have no idea how to tackle it.  But everywhere I go, I’m hearing things that pertain to the story. 

A friend told me the other day, “This is always the way you start…” 

Is it?

I’m dreaming scenes.  Characters are becoming real, breathing words into my ear – usually at night when I’m too tired to get up and write down what they have to say.  But I do anyway, writing in the dark and then trying to read my handwriting in daylight.  Say what? 

What I need is structure. 

Since I can’t start now, I have to find other ways to use up this energy.  I’m cooking on a more regular basis and better meals than the “What’s in the pan, Fran?” usual.   I actually use a recipe instead of asking, “How about canned chile?”  I’m not yanking out my George Foreman and grilling what I just defrosted. 

I’ve vacuumed the entire house four times this week.  If the dog scratches, I’m digging through his fur looking for fleas.

I’ve been in high gear for months, catching up on things I’ve missed while working on the last manuscript that ended up being two books.  Talk about getting long-winded!

Writing can put you in a haze.  Ideas come at any time.