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We’re on the freeway, trying to get somewhere on time, and brake lights are flashing up ahead. What is it about people who slow down and even stop to see someone else’s misfortune or tragedy?  I confess I’ve slowed down and looked, too.  Then wished I hadn’t.  Is it human nature to gawk?  Is … [Read More...]

YouTube High

Have you ever heard of ASMR?  I hadn’t until a cab driver turned on a radio talk show.  It was a long ride and Rick and I got to hear quite a bit of the program. Apparently, many people are becoming addicted to an “autonomy sensory meridian response” they get by making and/or viewing YouTube videos. … [Read More...]

Quote Collection

I collect quotes, notebooks full of them. Some are from famous people, some infamous, most from lesser or unknown. I never knew a man who was good at making excuses, who was good at anything else. (Benjamin Franklin) I’ve been through some horrible things in my life – a few of which actually … [Read More...]