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Trip to the County Fair

Every summer, I look forward to the Sonoma County Fair.  I remember the days when my parents would take me and my brother to the much larger Alameda County Fair.  We had to go through all the exhibits before getting to the carnival.  My mom wanted to look at every home arts display (quilts, dresses, … [Read More...]

Why Should I Read the Old Testament?

Some church pastors and leaders are questioning whether teaching the Old Testament is necessary, that seekers might be confused or put off by details of history. I understand.  My parents took me to church when I was a child.  I liked the Old Testament “stories”, but didn’t have a clue who Leviticus … [Read More...]

Power, Money, and Sex

Leaders, whether in politics, academia, sports, entertainment or the church, face constant temptation through three avenues: power, money and sex. I sat on a jury a few years ago and heard a case about a priest who had abused numerous underage girls.  The higher ups moved him to another parish in … [Read More...]