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Sarge and the Tick

We’ve had Sarge on medications that are supposed to repel fleas and ticks.  Well, one day I was scratching his back and noticed a strange lump.  Upon further investigation, I found a swollen, tidily tucked in tick buried deep in his flesh under all that fur.  It was pretty big, and … [Read More...]

Living History

Each one of us has lived through historical events.  Some flow on by without making an impact.  Others shape us.  Some “events” don’t have a specific date – but the time is remembered. The Cold War, for example.  Fear seemed to reign.  In grade and high school, we had … [Read More...]

Sound Bites

I tend to collect interesting tidbits of information from our newspaper, a magazine, or something in conversation that I can’t wait to look up and confirm.  Here are some examples: Baby brain facts: babies can hear at 24 weeks into pregnancy, and from then on are hard wired for … [Read More...]