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Redeeming Love

The international bestselling novel—starring Abigail Cowen, Tom Lewis, Nina Dobrev, with Logan Marshall Green and Eric Dane, special appearance by Famke Janssen. Distributed by Universal Pictures with a screenplay by Francine Rivers and D.J. Caruso.


The Lady’s Mine

A sweeping, romantic tale of a displaced New England suffragette, a former Union soldier disinherited by his Southern family, and the California frontier town they join forces to save.

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Dandelion The rains have come, and everything looks lush and green, especially our front and back lawns.  Seeds blown over from the open space behind us last spring and summer have taken root.  Thistles and dandelions are sprouting  like tares in a wheat field – only in this case a lawn.  Did you know dandelion seeds ...

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4 days ago
Francine Rivers

I’m not quite sure who decided thistles (which are beautiful in bloom) and dandelions were the enemy to gardeners.
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I’m not quite sure who decided thistles (which are beautiful in bloom) and dandelions were the enemy to gardeners.

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Always loved both. I don’t know who exactly first stated this but I have always loved this saying- “A dandelion is either a weed or a wish, you decide.”

Maybe we can learn a lesson from this. Although weeds can be beautiful, they grow without being intentionally planted and ultimately choke out the good plants. Just like things in our lives…even though they may be attractive, if they choke out the good things in your life (relationship with God), then they need to be removed…so our relationship with Christ can grow to its fullest potential.

Dandelions can be used in so many medicinal ways too! God’s natural detoxification after winter!

The Lord has revealed many truths to me through dandelions. Francine, you have been a true inspiration in my life. At 12 years old my mother let me read your Mark of the Lion series. Three decades later, it is still among my favorite, for several reasons. God bless.

We stopped having our lawn treated years ago and let the dandelions grow freely. We love breading and frying the flowers!! They help the bees too! ❤

Ralph Waldo Emerson described a weed as “a plant whose virtue has not yet been discovered.”

Those of us who grew up as a military child know that the dandelion symbolizes what we have experienced.

Dandelions are bees’ first food source after the winter. We let ours bloom and grow!

I have always asked this question. Weeds are some of my favorite flowers!

I love dandelions! My children brought me bouquets of them when they were little, which was always a sweet, welcomed gift. One of our favorite children’s books was called “Dandelions and Daydreams”, which is delightfully illustrated. ❤️

Just received an arc for The Lady’s Mine. I’m carrying it around the house getting nothing else done.

I asked My husband who has a PhD in Plant Physiology this question once and he said a weed is ‘an unwanted plant’... well then, thistles, buttercups, invasive ivy with pretty purple flowers are never weeds to me 🌻🌼🌸🌺

I think they see it as not beneficial or beautiful

My little students are always delighted to bring me the tiny flowers at recess! The biggest blessings are found in the tiniest packages. BTW Francine Rivers, your books have been a beautiful blessing to me!

As a greenhouse owner I was taught a weed is a plant growing where it doesn't belong.

Some see weeds, others see wishes. Dandelions are one of my favorite wildflowers, and they are the bees’ first food every Spring! #SaveTheBees If the bees leave, they’re taking us with them! 🐝💕

To me dandelions, violets and other things the yard company call "weeds", are lovely witnesses of God's handiwork .

My thoughts exactly...u r a lady very dear to me...I love your art and mission of Gospel...i actually quit reading after I read your novels because nothing else compares😘

I remember, as a child, asking my dad to leave a thistle that was blooming. It was purple and so pretty but my dad did not agree. lol

Clovers are not a weed then either, because I want them

A weed is a plant that grows easily and prolifically. A “treasured plant” is one that is difficult and requires a lot of effort on our part so we can take the credit for it. Hmmm 🤨

I will admit, I do love thistle blooms also! However, as someone who lives out in the country with cattle, thistles are all round bad. Cattle can't feed from them, and left to their own, thistles will take over entire paddocks leaving no grass for animals to feed from. And never mind stepping on the blasted things! 😫 Very painful and almost impossible to find the tiny splinters they leave behind! 😫 We have a surplus of dandelions but I do love having those around. 😁 As someone has said, they are pretty, edible and medicinal.

A plant that is useful as either food or medicine.

They are a weed, but I don’t chemically treat them.

Love any plant that has a flower!

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I’m not quite sure who decided thistles (which are beautiful in bloom) and dandelions were the enemy to gardeners.

See more about what went into the Redeeming Love Sanctuary on my latest blog post:


I’m very excited about Redeeming Love—the movie—being released January 21. But I have other exciting news I want to share, and that is the launch of the Redeeming Love Sanctuary Foundation. Please check out the website: Together we can make a difference!

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