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Remembering Dad

Rick and I sat in pjs on Sunday, reminiscing about our dads and giving thanks for them.  Rick’s father, William Richard Rivers, weathered many storms. Passed from relative to relative, he and his three brothers worked fields while their father, a merchant marine, was out to sea.  When … [Read More...]

In the Flight Path

Rick and I knew when we purchased our home that we were in the flight path for the local airport.  It’s a small airport and less than a dozen flights a day, not all of which fly overhead.  Aviation is in my husband’s blood.  He ran his own aviation business for twenty-five years … [Read More...]

Pro-Abortion Rally in Town Square

Our local newspaper is running articles about states passing “draconian anti-abortion laws” – pushing the panic button that women will have no rights, their bodies “kidnapped”.  Seventy high school students cut classes and marched to the town square to raise their signs.   PRO … [Read More...]