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Kincaid Fire Evacuation

Rick and I received warnings on our cellphones that we might have to evacuate due to the Kincaid fire northeast of town.  Geyserville, Healdsburg and Windsor had already been evacuated.  The blaze was out of control, consuming acres of grass, brush, trees, and some houses … [Read More...]

Friends Fleeing California

Over the past year, several couples in our Bible study have moved away.  Why?  Here are some reasons (and something to consider if you long to live in California):             Highest state income tax in the … [Read More...]

Shrek the Sheep

My daughter, Shannon, sent me a link to a story about a ten-year old New Zealand farm-owned merino sheep who managed to evade shearing by hiding out in a cave for six years.  By the time Shrek was found, he looked like a wooly giant beach ball with a nose.  He could hardly walk with … [Read More...]