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Pro-Abortion Rally in Town Square

Our local newspaper is running articles about states passing “draconian anti-abortion laws” – pushing the panic button that women will have no rights, their bodies “kidnapped”.  Seventy high school students cut classes and marched to the town square to raise their signs.   PRO … [Read More...]


While taking time off from writing, Rick tapped me for teaching our Tuesday evening Bible study.  He’s always concentrated on books of the Bible, starting from chapter one, verse one and going straight through with historical context, what the scriptures say and how they apply to our … [Read More...]

Mother’s Day

My mom passed away twenty-five years ago, but there are still times when I almost reach for the phone to call and tell her something.  I used to feel a punch in the stomach when that happened, knowing there would be no answer on the other end of the line.  Now, I just send up … [Read More...]