Where Hope Is

I am learning day by day –

My hope cannot rest in Congress or the Supreme Court, for they are filled with men and women with all the faults and foibles of regular folk. They have their biases and prejudices, and serve whatever they worship.

My hope cannot rest in staying well-fed, exercised and healthy so I can live long and prosper, nor does it rest in whether Medicare is still solvent when I’m old or if Obamacare is up and working and there are enough of the younger generations to pay the bills.

My hope does not rest in how much Rick and I have saved for “a rainy day” or old age, nor in the American or world economy, or the stock market bulls and bears.

My hope doesn’t rest in being right or left, a Democrat or Republican or Tea Party Member, nor does it rest in following the right or left leader. 

My hope does not rest in my husband or my children making all the right decisions. My hope doesn’t rest in my work or what I may or may not earn or whether I will have any impact on others or be remembered at all after I’ve left this earth. 

My hope and peace rest in one place – in Jesus Christ and His righteousness.  He came, He died.  He arose. He lives.  Despite how it appears with the chaos of daily living on this planet, God is still on the throne.

I am thankful God has a plan for my life and yours.  He knows and loves every soul on the planet.  He offers the free gift of salvation and leaves it to each individual to decide whether they live in heaven or go to hell.  Because I believe in Him, each day brings me closer to seeing Him face-to-face.  I am a citizen of heaven, a daughter of The King.  Men’s laws and regulations and traditions come and go, but the Word of the Lord stands forever.  His name is Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.  And when He comes again, He will bring a new earth. 

While the troubles that have plagued mankind from the beginning continue to grow, I have hope and peace in Him who holds the future. This is the day of the Lord.  It is up to each of us to decide where we put our hope.