What’s happening?!

I remember this line from “Poltergeist” years ago when the teenage daughter was standing on the street as an entity was wreaking havoc inside the house and everyone was fleeing.  I’m beginning to feel that way when I read the newspaper and wonder. 

Is the “affordable” health care program going to help?  I have a relative who has had to pay her doctor out-of-pocket because she can’t afford health care.  Now, with the new law, she will receive a fine for not buying health care she can’t afford, and the cost of that fine will be more than she’s been paying out-of-pocket to see a doctor.  The clinic in her area is closing down because they can’t afford the equipment required by the new law.  And this is supposed to help people in need of health care? 

Next we have the IRS singling out conservative groups for tax audits.  Apparently, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is on their hit list.  I wonder how long it will be before the government will decide to go after churches.  I wish they’d audit Dianne Feinstein and her husband, Richard Blum who received a government contract to build the California-train-to-nowhere at the “low” bid of $985,142,530 (which works out to about $35M per mile, unless they run into an endangered centipede and have to build a bridge over its habitat.) If a tortoise turns up, they’ll need additional funds to build an elevated train system instead.  All for the good of the taxpayers, of course.   Doesn’t everybody in California want to travel from Madera to Fresno? Another example of altruism: the government wants to sell post offices.  Many (56 buildings) are on prime land in towns and cities across the nation, so that’s probably a good reason.  Nice money-making venture. Right?  The government needed a company to do all that selling for them, and who better than Richard Blum, Diane Feinstein’s husband?  The sale will bring in billions, millions of it going into Blum-Feinstein pockets.

Is this what they mean by lobbying?

I’d love to see a list on how many of our servants in Washington, D.C. have become 1 percenters while in office.  And what percentage of their income goes into charities? 

Today, I was told that Soledad prison won’t accept Christian books anymore, though inmates are requesting them from a ministry that can provide them. (I hesitate to mention the name because I don’t want the IRS going after them, too.)  Apparently, the Christian chaplain was replaced by a Muslim “chaplain” who says they have too many Christian books already and told them (the ministry) not to send more.    

College campuses are now telling Christian organizations like Intervarsity that they can’t be on campus unless they open leadership of the organization to non-Christians.  Say what?  That’s like telling a church you can’t have a Christian in the pulpit. I’ve had students tell me that our local state university world religion class had representatives (believers) from major religions speak, but did not invite a Christian to explain Christianity.  They thought it would be more fairly done by a non-Christian.  

Add it all up and think of the apocalyptic thriller that could come from all this! The chipping away of original Biblical foundations, the government take-over of health care (and, hence, the ability of a few to decide who lives and who dies), the re-education of the masses, the persecution of certain, re-defined groups because new regimes always need scapegoats, the rise of a new order, the people worshipping the “new” idea of “everyone doing what was right in their own eyes”.  

I think it’s already been done. 

Maybe a story about people who just say, “Okay.  Have it your way.  I quit.” 

That one has been done, too. 

I think I’ll stick to the more exciting adventure of following Jesus.  It may mean a cross at the end, but a relationship with Him is vibrant, full of truth, intimate, fulfilling and everlasting.