What is faith?

We all live by faith, even atheists.

We have faith that:

Red lights will turn green.

Cars will stop when a pedestrian uses the crosswalk.

Gas will come out of the pump, water out of the tap.

Our pilots know how to fly the plane in which we travel.

Just as you can’t see the electricity flowing through the lines that control the street lights, or tanks or pipes beneath the surface that provide gas and water, or the pilot behind the door, you can’t see God.

Faith is not material.  It can’t be tasted, smelled, heard, seen or touched.  Yet, it is as real as the weight of a Bible in your hand.  It’s as sure as the taste of an apple, the fragrance of a rose, the sound of thunder, the sight and feel of the warmth of the sun.  Faith in God is a gift from God.

If you have no faith, I challenge you to investigate and look closely at Jesus.  He is an historical figure.  He lived, died, rose again.  The Bible from Genesis to Revelation is all about Him.  Jesus was God’s “show and tell” to the world.  Those who follow Him do not do so blindly.  We believe what was written thousands of years ago.  We see evidence of God all around us.  The earth rotates precisely and circles the sun just so.  (Scripture told us the earth was a ball in space long before science did.)  We breathe air we can’t see.  Seasons come and go.  Tides come in and go out.  There are cycles, systems and patterns, all working together.

I live by faith in Jesus because I believe the scriptures of the Bible are God-breathed and inspired.  I believe the evidence in His creation.  I believe because my inner being changed when I accepted Him as Savior and Lord.  I sense His presence.

Faith isn’t blind or thoughtless or empty.  It is a choice we make on how we live each day of our lives.  We each worship something, and whatever it is carries temporal as well as eternal results.

I believe in Jesus.  I rest in His promises that my soul will never perish, but have eternal life.  I will be with Him forever in a place of perfect peace and beauty, filled with joy and purpose.  For now, in this increasingly frail and aging body, I can live a kingdom life on this fallen earth because His Holy Spirit dwells within me.

Where do you put your faith?