Thanksgiving 2016

In the past month, we have had many reasons to give thanks to the Lord. We have seen how God can make His plan known and work quickly to get things done when we surrender our will to Him. The issue is always whether we trust enough to obey.

Our trust was tested recently when we bought a house without selling our home. It took, gulp, creative financing and risking our retirement, but God had made it clear through a series of happenings that “It’s time. Move. Don’t stand with your back to the Red Sea and focus on the army of troubles heading your way. Cross the Jordan!”

So, we left a finished, comfortable and spacious home to wade into a smaller “as is” house needing a great deal of work, and then put our home on the market. Four days later, we had an offer from a couple who had been searching for three long years and hadn’t found the right house until they walked into ours and felt they’d finally found home. There was a mixture of tears and rejoicing on both sides.

God’s timing was always perfect for all of us, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Change and transitions can be frightening, but God uses them to refine our faith. “Do you trust Me or not?” His plan is better than any turkey-of-a-plan I could cook up for myself.

I’ve explored our old back yard for fifteen years and shared the many blessings I found there in my first devotional, Earth Psalms, now available at your favorite retailer. (I was thrilled to see it at Barnes and Noble while shopping for Christmas the other day.) With this move to a new home, God has brought me into new territory to explore. Rick and I no longer live on a rocky-hillside among scattered oaks and a view of the town and valley. We’re in the flatlands with redwoods, fruit trees, a small vineyard, all in need of TLC. Last night, I stood outside with my hands in the air and gave thanks. I could see the stars God made and smell the scent of rain He is bringing to our parched state, and all around me was a glorious symphony of frog song.

Thanksgiving doesn’t just happen once a year. We can offer it daily, even hourly, as we open our hearts and minds to the multiple blessings God bestows on all of us all the time. Thanksgiving is an attitude worth cultivating.

Happy Thanksgiving!