Sons of Encouragement

A few days ago, I received a pleasant surprise:  the new omnibus edition of the Sons of Encouragement.  Caleb is on the cover.  I love the story of Caleb.  He and Joshua were the only men who believed the Israelites could conquer the Promised Land the first time they approached because God was with them.  Unfortunately, the rest of the mass of people (including Moses and Aaron) didn’t have their confidence.  So Caleb, who spoke up first and said “Let’s go!” had to wait another forty years before he could step foot in the land God had given them. 

Caleb was also the only one who drove all the Canaanites out of his territory – and he did this when he was eighty-five years old.   Growing older doesn’t mean we don’t have more challenges to face, more territory to “conquer”. 

I hope you’ll pick up a copy of the omnibus and enjoy the other stories of five amazing men from scriptures: Caleb, the warrior; Aaron, the priest, brother of Moses; Jonathan, son and heir of King Saul and best friend of God’s chosen king, David; Amos, a prophet for our times; and Silas, secretary and traveling companion to Paul and Peter. 

All of these men have lessons for us today.