Racial Reconciliation

I can’t watch any more news about the horrific murder of George Floyd or about the protesters who have violently reacted by burning and looting. I need to hear more from the peaceful demonstrators who seek much-needed change, who address racial hatred with clarity and truth, who seek equal rights and equal justice for those of all colors and backgrounds. I need to see more of the milk of human kindness and less of the poison of hatred.

A friend sent me a link to Michael Todd’s message about racial reconciliation. I’ve listened to his messages before and been challenged by them. This one is exactly what we all need to hear. I cried, laughed, was instructed with truth and challenged on what I can do. The presentation is long. I listened to 15-20 minutes at a time in order to get everything out of it I could – and came away with lots of notes I can review in the days ahead.

I hope you will listen to Michael Todd, too. This powerful speaker points out truth: that racial reconciliation will happen in heaven, for scripture clearly states that people of all nations, tribes, and languages will be standing before the throne of God in celebration. But we, as Christians, have a responsibility here on earth to bring “Thy Kingdom come on earth as is it is heaven.”

I challenge you to listen to what Michael Todd has to say:

The other thing I’m doing is watching and listening to the California Bay Area Churches Blessing video on YouTube. The coordination, cooperation and love that went into bringing all these people together to sing a blessing over you is amazing. There are other blessing videos as well, from Hawaii, from children.

This has been a long hard year for all of us, from fires to floods, tornadoes to coronavirus, from horrific scenes of hatred and violence pouring into our streets, and the financial devastation many are – or will suffer. We need hope. And there is One who gives it. The world hated Him and murdered Him, but He overcame death and offers salvation to all, even His enemies. I believe in Him. I cling to Him in troubled times because He is the only One who will get us through this.

We may be “in this together”, but the only way we will all make it through and out the other side with grace and mercy for all is with God showing us the way.