Phoebe and Women Like Her

Phoebe is one of my favorite characters from A Voice in the Wind.  In the beginning, she is a pagan woman who has faith in her household gods.  But her heart and mind are open and she observes Hadassah who lives out a life of faith in Jesus.  Phoebe becomes a believer.  As she was in the beginning, she is still a woman who loves her family and grows increasingly concerned over their choices in life.  As her health deteriorates, her reliance on Jesus becomes stronger.  She is dedicated to prayer and a quiet, though powerful influence in the lives of her wayward children, Marcus and Julia, primary characters in the second novel of the Mark of the Lion trilogy; An Echo in the Darkness

I am blessed to know many women like Phoebe.  Some have good health, others struggle with life-long health issues that limit their activities.  Some are elderly and unable to attend church because of physical disabilities, but they remain warriors, spending hours in prayer for others. 

When I grow old, I want to be like these women, strong in faith, patient, trusting in God’s promises, rejoicing in the midst of storms.  How will I become that woman?  By practicing the faith I see lived out, by dwelling upon God’s Word, by giving thanks for the people of faith the Lord has put in my life yesterday, today, and hopefully becoming a good example for someone else tomorrow.