Phantom Sculptor

There are all kinds of ways books can be used.  Some people use them to gain knowledge and understanding.  Some use them to escape.  Others line shelves with leather-bound volumes to impress.  Some use them as a door stops or stack them up to reach a high shelf.  Some use them as a sleeping pill.  Some use them to hurl at a yowling cat, or spend a few minutes, hours, or days to be transported into another body, time and place.  Some toss them in the recycling bin or cash them in at the used book store and bring home another bagful. 

One particular phantom sculptor uses them for art.  She cuts, folds, carves and molds bits pages into amazing gifts left in Edinburgh, Scotland libraries and one in the national museum “in support of special places”.   Ten in all, each unique, exquisite, humbly offered in thanksgiving.

If you want to see them, Google images of “book art, Edinburgh”.  A story made into a story, literature taken to another level, a gift from a phantom artist with great talent who speaks her passion in a new and unique way.

That spark of creativity is present in each of us and takes many forms.  So many gifts and all from the God who created us is His own image.