Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference

Every few years, I attend the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference as a participant. Set in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains south of San Francisco, You can’t help but feel inspired in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains with towering redwoods and blooming dogwoods.  And it’s a short drive to the Pacific Coast.

The atmosphere is relaxed. Classes are many and varied.  Instructors are excellent. And participants come from all over the country. I learn and meet new friends every time I attend, and I always come home jazzed and ready to write.

This year, I’ll be a member of the faculty and doing two Q&A sessions, one for the professional track and another “night owl”.

One of the many things I love about this conference is the opportunity to hang out with other writers; non-fiction, fiction, devotionals, Bible studies, articles, screen plays, poetry, memoirs – all kinds of writers.  Some are newbies, others published in traditional or indie markets, and a few old-timers with long lists of books they have written and years of experience. It’s a safe place to talk and ask questions about the many aspects of the writing life.  Family members and friends love us, but don’t always understand us.  That frown, annoyed expression, or blank stare we sometimes wear?  It doesn’t mean we’re upset, angry or bored.  It means we’re in another place or time period, inhabiting a character living another life.  Writers understand that a writer’s imagination is always working.  Sometimes ideas and characters wake us up at night.

The conference is a working retreat.  Even when writers aren’t writing, we’re still writing. If you’re a writer, you know exactly what I mean.

If you are a writer (and that includes those aspiring to be one) and want to learn more about your craft, meet editors, agents, publishing representatives and lots of other writers all the while recharging and getting high on new story ideas, think about attending the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference.  Better yet, sign up!  Pre-conference boost clinics run March 21-23.  The conference is March 23-27.

Hope to meet you there!