KLOVE Cruising

I’ve been listening to KLOVE Radio since Rick and I moved to Sebastopol in 1985.  It was a small start-up station then, conceived by San Francisco DJ Bob Anthony, with Dick Jenkins as general manager.  I wasn’t a Christian yet, but loved the “positive alternative” music with lyrics that fed my soul and made me dance (or sing along when I was alone in the car).  When KLOVE sponsored concerts in Santa Rosa, I brought my three young children along.  Petra was one of our favorite bands.  We used to sing “This Means War” at the top of our voices. 

I’m still listening to KLOVE after all these years, and still loving it.  They have cruises on occasion.  Rick and I haven’t made any so far, but this year, we decided to jump on board.  Well, not yet – but we have our reservations.  In case you’re interested, check their website. 

Date: January 25 – 30, 2014.  

Miami, Ochos Rios, Jamaica or the Grand Cayman Island will be beautiful places to visit, but I’m more excited about having the opportunity to attend on-board concerts of some of my favorite Christian bands and singers.  Maybe I’ll even get some autographs.  And whatever else the KLOVE crew has planned, Rick and I will be there to join in the fun.

The little start-up listener-sponsored radio station has come a long way over the years!!