Irony in the News

There are some days when the irony of the news astounds me.  Headline:  40 Arrested at Petaluma Farm.  Why?  For protesting the treatment of chickens.  They had trespassed on the property and were rescuing chickens.  There was a picture of several people in handcuffs.  Great front page story! Though I’m all for being proper stewards over the animal kingdom, it sure had me cackling.

On I go and end up on the editorial page where the double column is dedicated to a diatribe about women’s health care at risk because the President may defund Planned Parenthood.  The editor said the organization is the nation’s largest provider of family planning assistance.  Really?  Well, maybe so if NOT planning a family is what you want.  An unplanned pregnancy?  No problem.  We’ll schedule an abortion for you.  At a hefty price, higher yet if it’s late term.

If you’re really interested in what’s been going on inside the walls of Planned Parenthood and what the real mission is read UNPLANNED by Abby Johnson who directed a clinic for eight years.  Or read BLOOD MONEY by Carol Everett (if you can find a copy).  Read the stories on cases still going on that deal with fetal tissue sales.

The irony in the news:   Save the chickens.  Plan and profit off the death of a child.