Happy New Year!

Christmas is over.  I’m always a little down when I take the ornaments off the tree and pack away the decorations for another year.  The wheels of Christmas lights are stowed away under the house along with our nativity, the dried up noble pine is on our deck, lower branches cut off so it fit through the sliding glass door. It will wait there in the cold until we drag it out the front door to the curb before January 6-13 for roadside pick-up.

Last night, I worked on my calendar, writing in family and friend’s birthdays, dentist and doctors’ appointments, scheduled events and trips.  It’s already looking like a full year and the first week isn’t over.  Rick and I keep saying we’re going to slow down on the travel, but 2014 is looking very busy already, and we are making good headway on our bucket list. 

I did manage to stay up until midnight.  The neighbors set off their car alarms and hooted and hollered in the street.  A cold bug had grabbed me by the throat and I just didn’t feel like banging any pots and pans or screaming “Happy New Year!” off the back deck.  Rick and Sarge were long asleep, and I didn’t want to give either of them a heart attack.

Still wide awake, lathered in Vicks vapor rub and toting the equivalent of a box of Kleenex in my bath robe pockets, I sat down to start working on my list of possibilities for 2014.  My mind went blank.  Bed and a good night’s sleep held more appeal.

I never was much of a party animal.

Maybe tomorrow or the next day or the day after that, I’ll get around to evaluating what happened last year and organizing all the little notes and ideas I’ve been collecting for the past few weeks for my 2014 possibilities list.    

Until then, I’m just going to kick back, relax and enjoy being a couch potato.