Girls’ Time Out with Shadia Hrichi

Every couple of months, our church throws a fun “Girls Time Out” which usually involves a terrific speaker, lots of yummy food and plenty of time to hang out together.  Always lots of laughter.  We’re a small congregation, so we all know one another.  So, this is also an evening when we can bring friends or acquaintances to join in the fun.

This latest GTO was a special treat because we had Bible teacher, Shadia Hrichi, as our guest.  I met this lovely lady at the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference a few years ago.  It was one of those “divine appointments” we often talk about.  Shadia and I just happened to sit together for dinner one evening and started talking.  She was beginning a project on Hagar.  My first impression:  this lady doesn’t shy away from difficult subjects, and I loved that.  Shadia’s enthusiasm and knowledge about Hagar, a little-talked-about lady, drew me right in.  I couldn’t wait to read her study!

We kept in touch and she sent me an ARC.  Outstanding!  Shadia pointed out things few people know about Hagar, Sarah’s Egyptian slave who was handed over to Abraham so he could father a son.  It is a fascinating – and very contemporary – story.  Add some good news:  As soon as the study was available, Shadia was approached about having the study translated into Arabic.  So imagine, and pray for, this study to be passed around in Egypt and then on to the rest of the Middle East.

I had the honor of hosting Shadia at my home, and we had a chance to visit and catch up.  The ladies who came to the GTO loved her.  Not surprising.  She is fine speaker and gave just enough of an introduction to the study of Hagar: Rediscovering the God Who Sees Me to have all of us eager to get started. Small groups are a big thing in our church.  One group bought a case of books.  I’m ordering more for our home group as well.  After her introduction to the study, Shadia did a Q & A.  I love these sessions because you have an opportunity to get to know the speaker on a more personal basis.  For example, how and when she became a Christian, her life before and after Christ, what inspired her to write about Hagar…

She also had her new study with her:  Legion: Rediscovering the God Who Rescues Me.  Remember the demoniac who lived in a cemetery.  Yep.  Shadia’s study is on that man.  The study was just released, and she had a limited number of copies which were gone within minutes. 

If you love challenging Bible studies that are applicable to your life, check out Shadia’s website:  Why not host a gathering at your home and start a Bible study?  Hagar or Legion would be a great way to begin.