Flash, Macros and Nano Fiction

I recently took a class in “flash fiction” taught by Ben Wolf of Splickety Publishing Group.  I’d never heard of flash fiction or micro and nano fiction.  Flash fiction is 1000 words or less, micro less than 300, and nano less than 100.  Each of these fiction forms presents a story with all the necessary elements: beginning, middle, end, conflict and tension.

The example Ben used was written by Ernest Hemingway, a master at never wasting a word.

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

My imagination went into overdrive with that one.

I’ve been playing around with nano fiction.


The Hiker

Joe went to see the mountain and saw the inside of a cougar instead.


The Slot Machine

Ching-ching was hungry and Susie kept feeding him, a dime, a quarter, a dollar or two until Ching-ching had a house and Susie lived on the street, and Ching-ching still hadn’t had dessert.


The Politician

I’ll be transparent, the politician said, and after elected, put up black-out blinds, walls and locked the gates. The only time anyone saw him was on the campaign trail.


Honey-do List

The Mrs. put a honey-do list on the fridge and hubby went out the door looking for a honey.


The Mouse Trap

The hungry mouse smelled cheese.  He ran past the cat, past the dog and leaped the trap.  A snap, yowl and running feet brought him back, smiling. The mouse ate the cheese.


Okay.  I know.  They’re pretty bad, but it’s sure fun trying!