Fishers of Men

There are two fishers of men, and both know us very well. 

One knows our potential.  The other knows our weaknesses.

One gives us free will.  We can choose the path we want to walk through life.  We can choose to do what’s right or wrong.

The other knows our sin nature and uses that knowledge as he baits a hook with enticing false promises of happiness, pleasure, power, and control. 

One sees us bear the consequences of our choices and can use them to bring about an inner change of heart and mind – and in so doing can bring blessings even from the worst we’ve done. 

The other delights in the consequences of sin and uses the pain to imprison us in guilt and shame.

The eyes of the One move to and fro over the earth to support those who love Him.

The other roams like a lion looking for souls to devour. 

One whispers only TRUTH, but only a few listen and follow His ways.

The other tells lies, and vast populations hear and do his bidding.

One created beauty for all to enjoy.

The other strives to ruin that creation, and mankind who was given dominion over it.

One is The Life-Giver.

The other is a murderer.

One opens the way and welcomes His followers into Heaven and serves them at a great banquet of celebration.

The other leads his followers down the broad road through the Gates of Hell to eternal torment.

Both are fishermen.

Will you be hooked by sin and death and an eternity of torment?

Or will you be drawn into the net of love and the scarred hands of the Fisherman who died for you and rose again so that you would not perish but have eternal life in the Presence of the Living Loving God?