Computer Crash

Last week, while two of our grandchildren were visiting, I took a little time to answer a few emails.  First, my mouse rebelled. It wouldn’t go where I pointed it.  Then my icons disappeared.  Bloop.  Uh oh.  The God’s eye nebula background disappeared.  Ah, the irony of life.  You told the children to leave their electronics home and here you are sitting at your computer.  I rebooted and received a message that made absolutely no sense to me.  Okay.  Reboot again. Maybe the blessed thing will change its mind and come back to life.  Maybe it will speak a language I understand.  Nope.  Little gremlin demons chortled in delight. Watch the old girl panic!  Ha ha.   I didn’t panic.  I called my tech son-in-law. 

“We’re leaving tonight to go camping.”   I knew this to be true because I had been hearing about all the preparations from my daughter.  He wasn’t just fleeing town because his mother-in-law had another computer problem. (We gave him a tee-shirt last Christmas which says, I’m here because you broke something. I have “broken” so many things, he has me on remote.)  Oh, I didn’t mean now.  Whenever.  Roast hotdogs and marsh-mellows.  Swim.  I’m in no hurry.

A computer crash and tech-out-of-town is a great excuse for play time!

Nevertheless, he’d heard enough to give me the diagnosis I dreaded.  Terminal.  Hard drive crash.  Files?  Cloud?  What cloud? Not a cloud in sight.  We’re in deep drought.  Oh.  Dear.  Ah, well.  It’s too late to care.

It’s been a week without that monster calling for my attention.  I’ve had longer quiet times.  I’ve read four books.  I’ve purged and reorganized my files.  I’ve updated my telephone book (not the computerized one – but the old fashioned hand-written one.)  I’ve ridden seventy miles on my exercycle while watching several favorite movies.  Confession:  I do have a little iPad, but relegated to one fingertip rather than eight digits and two thumbs, messages are shorter and less frequent.  All’s well. Computer crashed.  Will write soon.   I’ve hijacked Rick’s computer, in case you’re wondering how I’m managing to write a blog. 

The last two weeks have been a little like the good old days.  Time to have fun with two of my grandchildren.  Time for the beach.  Time to go to the pool.  Time to work in the garden.  Time to watch Attila the Hum fighting off invaders.

My son-in-law came by last night to take a look.  I’m still four days under warrantee.   A new hard drive is on its way and will arrive sometime next week.  Rick now has Dragon software neither of us knows how to use.  Ah, just what I need:  something more to make life simple.