Rick and I are traveling with our daughter, Shannon, and our two oldest grandchildren.   Rick’s passion is American history, and we both believe it is crucial for our children to be proud of our country and the great experiment our founders presented to the world: a government of the people, by the people and for the people.   To that end, when each of our children reached fifth grade, Rick took each of them to Washington, DC, … Read more

The Great State of Texas

Rick and I had four wonderful days in the Great State of Texas.  So many friendly people!   I had the blessing of signing books with Beth Moore.   She is exactly how I imagined:  warm, open, bright, funny and gorgeous.   If you haven’t read her new book, So Long Insecurity, run out and get it.  It’s packed with godly wisdom.  Over the first two days, we visited four Barnes and Noble stores, two in Dallas and two … Read more

Traveling with Mom

Next week Rick and I are taking our daughter, Shannon and her two kids to Washington, DC, and I can hardly wait. Getting ready to go has brought back memories of traveling with my mom and dad.  Both wanted me and my brother to see the country – which meant every National Park they could squeeze into two week vacations every summer.   It always involved a LONG drive.  We stopped for gas and a potty break.  … Read more

Her Mother’s Hope

Her Mother’s Hope is now in stores!   Yesterday, Rick and I had a few minutes to spare and ducked into Barnes and Noble.  And there it was, on the front table!  I’ve loved every minute I’ve spent writing Marta and Hildemara’s story.  I hope you will love them as much as I do.    I can’t wait to introduce you to Carolyn and May Flower Dawn in the second volume, Her Daughter’s Dream!

Early Titles

Every book has a “working title”.  Her Mother’s Hope had several.   The first one, Floodwaters, fit what I was feeling when I started working on the story:  drowning in memories, being swept toward the sea.  In other words, I was way over my head.  Would I find the answers I was seeking?   I held Mom and Grandma so close while writing that it was more biography than fiction – and the first rendition did not work.  … Read more

Differing Views of Faith

While working on the story, I saw how four generations viewed faith differently.  My grandmother thought “God helps those who help themselves.”  Grandma knew she would have to leave Switzerland if she wanted a better life.  So she set out on her own.  She made her way in the world through fierce determination and hard work.  She carried her faith with her, like a shield.  Grandma’s faith reminds me of Joshua crossing the Jordan River and … Read more


My mother kept a diary.  She had a favorite fountain pen and bought a new hardbound journal every year and seldom missed a day.  When dying of breast cancer, she walked me through her house and asked what I would like to have.  I asked for her journals.  They are the most important part of my family inheritance.  Grandma didn’t write a journal.  I had to beg her to write her life story.  More than beg, … Read more

Making Amends

Her Mother’s Hope started with something Mom said shortly after Grandma died.  After Grandma had a stroke, Mom and Dad drove south, speeding to be at her side.  She died before they arrived, and Mom said, “I think she willed herself to die so we couldn’t talk things out.”  Mom and Grandma had been estranged because my parents wanted to retire in Oregon, and this meant selling their home and the cottage they had built where … Read more