A Voice in the Wind 20th Anniversary

We never know what God will do.  When I became a Christian, I couldn’t write.  Nothing made sense or seemed worthwhile.  After working hard to build a career, I came to an insurmountable wall.  “All is vanity,” as Solomon said and I knew that to be true.  It wasn’t until I gave up trying to do what I wanted that God opened my eyes through the Hosea story and nudged me (strongly!) to write Redeeming Love.  That book became a defining moment in my life. 

I thought Redeeming Love was my swan song, and I was happy to move on to other things; for one, working alongside my husband in his aviation business.  Once again, God had other ideas and dropped “hints” in the form of characters that wouldn’t leave me alone day or night.  I also had questions about how to walk in faith in a world that seems darker every day.  

God gave birth to the character of Hadassah in my imagination.  She was like me; afraid to share her faith.  Unlike me, she lived in a place where being a Christian could be a death sentence.  That is still true today, though not (yet) in America.  I wanted to know where the courage came from for martyrs to stand in an arena before a mob screaming for their blood simply because a gruesome death was entertainment.

I learned from Hadassah that courage won’t come from me, but will be a gift from God when I need it.  He will shine His light through me so that others will see Him.  God is my strength.  He is my rock in times of tribulation.  I praise Him now for whatever lies ahead.

Now, twenty years later, I still am inspired by Hadassah and amazed and thankful the novel is still in print.  Hadassah is the Christian I want to be if and when I face the severe testing she did.  I hope she will remain an inspiration to others.  Her message is trust in the Lord and the power of His strength.  It is important to memorize scripture, practice our faith and prepare for the days of trial ahead, but complete surrender and trust in Jesus give us peace in the midst of chaos.  In so doing, His light and His Word shine forth in the fallen darkness of our world.