Sons of Encouragement (omnibus edition)

Sons of Encouragement

Sons of Encouragement (omnibus edition)

Sons of Encouragement, Books 1–5

Five stories of faithful men who changed eternity.

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Five stories of faithful men who changed eternity.

Behind the men who shaped history are the heroes who forever changed it. The novellas in the Sons of Encouragement series recount the stories of five lesser-known biblical men who made an impact on eternity. Each faithfully sought God in the shadows of his chosen leaders. Each answered God’s call to serve without recognition or fame. And each gave everything, knowing his reward might not come until the next life.

The Priest: Aaron Brother of Moses, and first High Priest of Israel, Aaron’s courage covered his brother’s fear and his voice carried the words of God. 

The Warrior: Caleb A man whose faith and zeal for God helped lead God’s people into the Promised Land. Full of passion, humility, and faith, Caleb encouraged Joshua and stood strong in the face of sin. His words stirred mens’ hearts and his passion drove him to God.

The Prince: Jonathan Jonathan’s humility led him into friendship with the man who would become king in his place. David was a man after God’s own heart, but it was the courage and selflessness of his best friend that opened the door to David’s rule. A man of honor and deep faith, Jonathan’s zeal carried him into battle and his faithfulness won him honor among his people.

The Prophet: Amos Amos’s message – and his relationship with God – made him unpopular during Israel’s prosperous years. But his challenge to those who were enjoying the blessings of prosperity was crucial. He was a man of conviction who heard when God called and a prophet who refused to turn away.

The Scribe: Silas Silas gave up everything to write the Word of God and is the man behind the spotlight who recorded most of the New Testament. Not even the trials Paul suffers before he is martyred for the cause of Christ could stop Silas from his mission.

“A fan favorite, Rivers’s biblical fiction is quick and action-packed with appeal for both male and female readers.”
—Library Journal (review of The Warrior: Caleb)

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