Anniversary in San Francisco

Rick and I were married on December 21, 1969.  It rained all day and then cleared for the evening candle-light ceremony at a small New England style church in our hometown.  I am still amazed at how many family members and friends came, considering the time of year.  Who in their right mind plans a Christmas wedding?  (It was the earliest date we could get the church and Rick could get leave from the Marine Corps.) 

The wedding reception took place at a local restaurant.  While the party went on, we headed out for our honeymoon after ten in the evening, rice in our hair, clothes and shoes.  We looked for a motel in the next town, but they were all full.  So we settled into a local motel the next burg.  The following morning, we finished the drive up to the Sierras to Pinecrest.  A foot of snow covered the ground.  Pine branches dipped under the weight.  We gathered our supplies and trekked in to the family cabin.  Rick got the fire going.  We were snug as bugs in a rug for the next two days and then headed home for the big family Christmas gathering – and continual razzing and ribald remarks about newlyweds.

Now that we’re getting older, the thought of going up into the mountains, loading ourselves down with supplies and trekking through snow to a cabin has little appeal, though we smile over the memories.  This year, we’re heading for San Francisco and a nice inn on the Presidio with plenty of heat and restaurants close by.  We might walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, weather permitting.  We might wander around Golden Gate Park or go down to Pier 39 or to a few museums.  Or we might just relax, read and rest up for the rush of activities awaiting our return home. 

We’re celebrating forty-four years together.  Actually, we met in fifth grade.  We’ve grown up together.  Our first date was freshmen year to the Harvest Ball.  We remained good friends through school, but didn’t start dating seriously until Rick returned from Vietnam and I was in my senior year at UNR.  Ah, the memories.  We shake our heads and wonder how the time went by so quickly.  We wonder how we can have three grown children with children of their own!

We’ve had our ups.  We’ve had our downs.  All in all, life is good, and each year brings us closer to the One who brought us together – and to each other.  The Christmas spirit fits our mood.  This is our time of celebration.