Who is our voice today?

Hadassah was a light in the darkness for those who didn’t know or understand who Jesus is.  It wasn’t what she said because, in the beginning, she said very little.  It was the way she lived her life that impacted others.  That is still true today for all of us who believe in Jesus.  People watch Christians.  They may criticize and want to crush us, but underneath all that animosity is a hunger to know:  “Is it true?” 

When we live our lives as Citizens of Heaven — every day with love and without fear and with an eye to our future — each and every believer impacts the world.  We never know how many people we touch with a word or a smile or a helping hand. 

The Voice will always be God’s throughout the generations, however many there may be before the end comes and the last trumpet sounds.  God doesn’t scream and shout like Satan.  God speaks quietly, in a still small voice.  It’s easy to hear the devil, but you have to be intent upon listening for God’s voice.  You have to lean in and listen.  You have to seek in order to find. 

We can have as much of God in our lives as we want.  The question is how much do we want Him?  Even in a culture that’s trying to push Him out of everything, those who believe can be filled up and over-flowing with His Presence.