Different Audiences

Contrary to what most people might think, I have had more freedom to write in the Christian publishing world than I did in the general market. In the general market, if a book succeeds, most publishers want a repeat performance.  They gave out “tip sheets” for what they wanted in a story.  I had one (general market) editor tell me I was getting in the way of two characters having sex and should put my morality aside.  Say what?  Another frequent comment when A Voice in the Wind was offered to general market publishers was “take out the Jesus stuff”.  Nope.  And I am not sorry. 

My writing style has changed over the years and so has the content of my work.  I want to saturate my stories with faith or lack of faith, depending on the character.  I’m not a Christian who writes.  I’m a Christian writer.  There is a difference. 

Frankly, entering the Christian market place at the time I did was a great and grand adventure.  I’ve been allowed – actually, encouraged – to focus on whatever God has put before me.  It has also stretched me as a writer.  It’s easier to be explicit, but a great challenge to be evocative. 

Each WIP (work-in-progress) has been an opportunity to grow as a writer and as a woman of faith in Jesus Christ.  My prayer is that others come along for the journey and find themselves not only entertained, but encouraged and challenged.