What not to Wear

I admit I’m hooked on reality shows.  Not the survivor type where people eat spiders and worms or live on islands and vote each other off, but the real reality shows like Clean House, Intervention, Hoarders, Curb Appeal, Dirty Jobs, What Not to Wear, Antiques Roadshow.

Perhaps I should have added this to my “ways I waste time” list of last week. 

I justify my time watching these shows as education.  I am learning what makes people tick.  I’m dreaming of things I can do with my, or better yet, my daughter’s yard.  I’m learning what to wear that is age appropriate.  Sadly, someday I may have to give up my jeans.   Well, maybe…

What have I learned from my favorite shows? 

Clean as you go.  You can have all the pots and pans washed and put away before you serve dinner.

Don’t let your mind go where you don’t want your body to follow.

There comes a time when you have enough.  If you buy something, give something away. 

First impressions do count.  Not just when you’re selling a house.  A smile always improves a person’s appearance.  A good heart attitude is even better.

Say a big thank you to all the people who do the dirty jobs that make our lives comfortable.   

Being concerned about how we look isn’t vanity – unless that’s our only concern.  If people gasp and stare, chances are you need a new look.  Unless you’re on the red carpet for an Oscar.

Sometimes the rusty old things turn out to be treasures.  Antiques go up in value.  That goes for people, too.