Oh, how easily I am distracted.  I don’t know about you, but it seems, even with filters and blockers, I am facing more and more spam each day.  I dump it into the junk box and the same ad in new format pops up again the next day.  Spammers are becoming increasingly cunning in sneaking through ours walls and eating up our time.  Imagine little demons chuckling as they watch us be diverted.

Unfortunately, spam isn’t limited to computers.  It can be the little trivial, unimportant things that eat up our time and energy on a daily basis.  I’d like to say housework and cooking come under the heading of spam, but that would be stretching the definition.  It’s the things that wouldn’t be missed, but still take time, that strip away my time.  Maybe it’s because I’m getting older that I am noticing!

Here’s my confession of ways I waste time and energy:

            Reading all the ads in the Sunday newspaper when I have no plans to shop

            Going through all the catalogs that come in the mail when I’m not buying

            Watching re-runs of NCIS when I could quote the script

            Watch YouTube videos sent by friends

            Reading any email with fwd at the beginning of the subject line

            Checking out the fwd on

            Driving around town on errands and picking a Walmart ten miles north

            Watching the news more than once a day when hearing it once is bad enough!

            Snacking when I can’t figure out what to write (Good thing the fridge is upstairs!)

            Getting on the scale every morning and wailing over the snack I ate last night

            Talking about taking a walk, and talking and talking


Adding up all these wasted minutes and hours, imagine what I could do with them!


            I could finish this book!

            Rick and I could play golf once a week and I might not spend all my time in the rough.

            I could read 100 books a year!

            I could learn another language!


I think I’ll junk the spam and make a new plan.