What a Difference a Day Makes

I love summer, even when it’s long and hot with drought conditions. People worry.  God tells His people not to fear 365 times in the Bible.  Yet, we still do.  Sometimes I think we’re wired to worry.  If we don’t have something to worry about, we worry about that.  Worry is like insurance:  very expensive, seldom needed.  There is always a cost.  Stomach problems, sleepless nights, depression, angst, heart problems…

Worry is also a sign to examine our faith.  Do we believe God when He tells us we have nothing to fear?  Is He sovereign?  Does He really have a plan when the whole world looks like its going to hell in a hand basket?

The days turned cool.  The breeze came up.  We had a chilly night.

The next morning, the trees were dressed up for celebration.  Shades of orange, pink, red, and after a hard breeze, streets of gold.

A few days later, we had rain.  Lots of it!

When Rick and I drove to church, the fields were vibrant, almost neon green.  No amount of watering and irrigation brings about that color.  It’s God-green.

Am I worried?  Not anymore.  I believe God, and when God says 365 times not to worry, I’m going to decide (when the temptation comes) NOT to worry.  It’s a choice.

No matter how bad things seem on this fallen planet of ours, we’re in very Good Hands.  And I’m not talking about All State.