A Once Clear Lake

Not far from us is the largest freshwater lake in California – Clear Lake.  Rick’s dad used to fish there years ago.  He once accidentally knocked a lantern from the side of the boat into the water.  He could see everything as the light sank to the bottom.  Now the lake is choked by toxic blue-green algae.  The drought has exacerbated the problem.  Docks are high and dry, invasive plants covering the canal bottoms.  Where there is water, people are warned not to fish or swim. The fish have died; the birds have flown away.

Microscopic organisms called cyanobacteria are natural in lakes and creeks, but usually in very small numbers until conditions change.  The bacterial organism population swells and spreads into a toxic bloom.

There are ideologies that are like cyanobacteria, seemingly innocuous, even beneficial, when summarized in a simplistic definition, Promises abound. Such magnificence, such generosity! If it sounds too good to be true, chances are it is.  Nevertheless, the invasive tendrils snake into the halls of government, into universities, into public schools, even some churches, always promoted by media, easily fooled into silencing dissenting voices for the sake of progress.

The fish die.  The birds fly.  And soon we are all drowning in a stagnant lake of toxic bloom.

Oh, for the clear, clean, living water of God’s Word, the only antidote.  Drink deeply.  Bathe in it.  Fill your canteens full and carry them to those parched and thirsty.  Hope can be restored even when all seems lost.  Be like a tree rooted on the banks of a cleansing stream.