Like-minded Friends

I recently returned from four wonderful days in paradise (Coeur d’Alene, ID) with nine Christian dynamo writers for a “plot, pray and play” retreat.  Brandilyn and Mark Collins host the gathering each year.  Brandilyn came up with the idea of brain-storming sessions some years ago.  I’m a late comer, invited last year after I mentioned to my friend, Robin Lee Hatcher, how much I missed being able to brain-storm with other writers.  I was honored, thankful and excited when Brandilyn extended the invitation to join the group.  

We start each morning with a devotional, presented by one of the members.  Then we sing hymns. (Brandilyn Collins, Tammy Alexander and Karen Ball should make a CD!). The rest of the day is spent in brain-storming sessions.   Each of us has an hour and fifteen minutes to present our WIP (“work in progress”).  Everyone jumps in with ideas.  (Love the “list of 20”.)  The creative energy is amazing.  

I miss them already.  Of course, we’re already on-line, keeping in touch – encouraging and holding one another accountable to do the work we discussed. 

We all need friends, people we trust who share our faith, who encourage us to dream, people who laugh and cry with us – and also hold us to account. 

I thank God for the family and friends I have.