Class Reunion

The class of ’65 gathered again this year.  We bring along year books and reunion pictures and spend the day laughing as the years fall away.  We started getting together every year when we lost two friends to cancer.  It reminded all of us how time can get away from us, and friendship is important.  We have a great class president who keeps the ball rolling.  Someone always volunteers to host the reunion, and everyone brings something to share.   It always feels as though it’s only been a few weeks since the last time we saw one another.  

Some of these friends and I go back to kindergarten.  My husband, Rick, was a late arrival in fifth grade.  A few others came in high school.  We’ve grown up to become teachers, banker, insurance agent, park ranger, historian and museum administrator, college administrator, social workers, child psychologist, senior citizen advocate, realtor, business owners, just about everything imaginable.  Most are retiring now, which boggles my mind.  Didn’t we just graduate yesterday? 

Old friends are like gold – to be treasured.  I’m thankful I have these friends in my life.