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Time with a Graffiti Artist

Cameron Moberg and I were finally able to carve out time to get together in San Francisco, where I was able to see his work in the Mission District first hand and not on the internet.  He also gave me a lesson in the art of painting graffiti.  We had planned to do it outside, but it was a cool, … [Read More...]

What Happened to Roman’s Paintings?

Readers of my recent novel, The Masterpiece, have asked what happened to Roman’s landscape, based on a line Grace drew to get him started on a new project, and “The Indwelling” – an oil painting of Mary pregnant with Jesus. Over the course of writing this novel, all kinds of ideas floated in my … [Read More...]

Living Legacies

When Billy Graham passed on recently, I felt bereft. Our country has lost a great man of God. Our older saints are passing away, and so many of the young are leaving church and faith, lost and worshipping the things of the world.  What will happen to America in the days ahead as we deny our own … [Read More...]