Praise for Earth Psalms

Earth Psalms is a gorgeous book. The pages, the colors, the pictures and the cover are, themselves, works of art depicting brushstrokes of God on the breathtaking face of earth. But it's the writing—insightful, fragrant and personal—that breathes this beauty to life and transports us in our imaginations to each scene. What captivates me most is that beloved fiction author Francine Rivers invites us, in this nonfiction offering, not only into her Father's world but into her own. You will be so glad you came.”
— New York Times bestselling author Beth Moore

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Audrey, the Carrion Flower

I’ve visited the California Carnivores nursery in Sebastopol several times in the past. It was always an interesting field trip for my children where we learned the United State is home to the widest variety of carnivorous plants in the world; including such species as Venus flytraps, sundews, … [Read More...]

Bible Science

Down through the ages, scientists have sought answers and come up with theories. For example: Geoterrapinism Theory= the earth rests on top of a giant turtle Fixed Earth Theory= the earth is the center of the universe Contracting Earth Theory/Geophysical Global Cooling = the earth is … [Read More...]

High Stress Society

Have you been feeling anxious lately?  If so, you are one among millions.  Everyone seems to be worrying about something: global warming, terrorist attacks, Russians hacking, GMOs, the apocalypse. We wear fit bits to monitor heart rate, footsteps, sleep patterns. We carry communication systems in … [Read More...]