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Trophic Cascades

Whenever man tries to fix something in nature, he messes things up. That Kudzu vine in Japan is beautiful, isn’t it? Why not bring some home for landscaping southern gardens? (Now called “the vine that ate the South”) Ohh, I’d love to have one of those Burmese pythons in a terrarium!  Wowza, … [Read More...]

Hopes for the Future Generation

A friend contacted me recently over a challenge she’d received from a hostess for an upcoming baby shower.  A questionnaire had been sent for her to fill out and returned as a gift for the coming child.  The papers would be placed in a box to be opened when the child became a young adult. She had no … [Read More...]

Human Migration

More than 100,000 people are leaving our sunshine state each year. We’re now seeing the migration up close and personal. A couple from our home Bible study has packed up and headed for Montana.  One lady moved to Nevada, another to Florida. My brother and his family are planning a move to Oregon. … [Read More...]

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