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Flash, Macros and Nano Fiction

I recently took a class in “flash fiction” taught by Ben Wolf of Splickety Publishing Group.  I’d never heard of flash fiction or micro and nano fiction.  Flash fiction is 1000 words or less, micro less than 300, and nano less than 100.  Each of … [Read More...]


I’ve had many teachers over my lifetime, and continue to attend classes, even at my advancing age.  When we give up learning new things, our minds will dry up or grow moldy. Miss Taylor was my fourth grade teacher.  She taught her students to love … [Read More...]


After a four-year drought, it’s finally raining in Northern California.   Creeks and rivers are flowing, reservoirs filling.  Vibrant God-green grass is coming up everywhere, along with wildflowers in the open space behind our home.  Yesterday, a … [Read More...]

Empty Nest

It’s been a long time since our chicks have flown the nest.  Now, one of ours has seen her own chick fly away – to the USAF.  Our grandson was ready to leave the nest, so he signed up and is now winging his way to boot camp in Texas.  I thought my … [Read More...]

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