Praise for Earth Psalms

Earth Psalms is a gorgeous book. The pages, the colors, the pictures and the cover are, themselves, works of art depicting brushstrokes of God on the breathtaking face of earth. But it's the writing—insightful, fragrant and personal—that breathes this beauty to life and transports us in our imaginations to each scene. What captivates me most is that beloved fiction author Francine Rivers invites us, in this nonfiction offering, not only into her Father's world but into her own. You will be so glad you came.”
— New York Times bestselling author Beth Moore

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Saying Goodbye

I’m coming to the end of my current WIP and find myself feeling a little blue. It’s taken me months to get to know these characters. They might still have more to say and do, or could, if I had the time and imagination to continue to live vicariously through their trials and triumphs. It’s always … [Read More...]

Hacksaw Ridge

I love movies, primarily movies that make me want to stand up and cheer. I’m especially moved by those based on real life people who rise above great trials. Here are some of the movies I’ve collected and still enjoy: Rudy October Sky Remember the Titans Gifted Hands McFarland, … [Read More...]

Building Walls

There has been a lot of talk about putting up a wall along our southern border. The idea didn’t start with the new administration. It goes way back. “There’s nothing new under the sun,” as King Solomon said. Mankind has been building walls for centuries; around cities and castles, along borders. We … [Read More...]