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What God Does with Weeds

Many of us work hard in our gardens, designing, digging, dedicating our spare time to creating a beautiful space to enjoy and share with others. If you’re like me, you go to a nursery and wander along the rows of starter plants, checking to see which plants will thrive in the soil composition in our … [Read More...]

Hurricanes, Firestorms, and Ballistic Missiles

This has been an interesting few months for me and Rick. Not long ago, we went on a two-week southern states road trip with friends.  We were a day ahead of a hurricane, then a tornado and major flooding.  One place we visited was four feet under water the next day.  When we made our circular route … [Read More...]

My Fascination with Graffiti Artists

I always thought of graffiti as vandalism until Rick and I visited some Eastern European countries and I saw it along walls as our train passed by. It was often stunning, beautiful, vibrant with colors, shape, and form, even if I couldn’t understand the words. This graffiti wasn’t a letter and … [Read More...]

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