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Book Titles and “The Masterpiece”

There have only been two times in my writing life when I have known the title of a book before I started writing: And the Shofar Blew and The Masterpiece. In the case of the first, I had no idea what a shofar was or how it would play out in a story. I didn’t have any characters speaking to me. I … [Read More...]

Blessings from the Firestorm

Our town of Santa Rosa has many small, and a few large, churches.  When I say large, I’m not talking Mid-west or Texas-in-the-thousands-large, but hundreds.  Our area has been called “faith unfriendly” by movie distributors, and few Christian movies make it to our town.  Churches stand alone.  With … [Read More...]

How to Help Sonoma County

Crossing the Jordan is a local non profit in Santa Rosa. We are boots on the ground, receiving and distributing donations directly to the fire victims and preparing for the aftermath. Tens of thousands of donations have come in and we are in need of cash donations for additional truck rentals and … [Read More...]