Praise for Earth Psalms

Earth Psalms is a gorgeous book. The pages, the colors, the pictures and the cover are, themselves, works of art depicting brushstrokes of God on the breathtaking face of earth. But it's the writing—insightful, fragrant and personal—that breathes this beauty to life and transports us in our imaginations to each scene. What captivates me most is that beloved fiction author Francine Rivers invites us, in this nonfiction offering, not only into her Father's world but into her own. You will be so glad you came.”
— New York Times bestselling author Beth Moore

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Caregivers Beware

I have shared before that my husband, Rick, has Parkinson's Disease, likely due to exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. Thankfully, he is doing well, but we both know changes are coming. Better to anticipate than live in denial. Hence, we moved from a house full of stairs to a ranch-style on one … [Read More...]

Politics and the Pulpit

President Trump has signed an order aimed at easing a rule limiting political activity for religious organizations. The order directs the Treasury Department not to take action against religious organizations that engage in political speech. It’s no surprise that this is already drawing mixed … [Read More...]

Fowl Play

Our new home has a pool. Rick has always wanted one, and we tell ourselves it will be great for low-impact exercising our aging, aching bodies. The previous owner didn’t swim and saw no reason to clean the pool or maintain the equipment. Cha-ching. Upside is wildlife enjoyed the scuzzy-looking … [Read More...]