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For Love of Art

My favorite art form as a child was finger painting. I loved mixing the colors, making designs, wiping them away, and starting over. I also liked making clay bowls from mud. Maybe it’s something about getting my hands dirty. I’m not sure. One thing I longed to do and never could was draw something … [Read More...]

Contemporary or Historical Fiction

I enjoy reading and writing contemporary and historical fiction. For a long time, I wrote only historicals. During my “B.C.” years, my stories were set in California between 1846 and 1880, a period of history that still fascinates me. When I became a Christian, I couldn’t write for three years. It … [Read More...]

Book Titles and “The Masterpiece”

There have only been two times in my writing life when I have known the title of a book before I started writing: And the Shofar Blew and The Masterpiece. In the case of the first, I had no idea what a shofar was or how it would play out in a story. I didn’t have any characters speaking to me. I … [Read More...]

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