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Rising from the Ashes

It has been six months and a few days since the October fires destroyed 6200 North Bay homes and 1800 other structures – 5300 of those homes were in our hometown of Santa Rosa.  Most have been cleared, the 1.6 million tons of debris piled just north of town.  The sight of mountains of concrete is … [Read More...]

The Time Between

The first few weeks after a manuscript is accepted and begins the process of publication are a relief.  The work that has kept me occupied for almost two years is finished.  Relief gives way to a sense of freedom. No more getting up early and working all day.  My time is my own. I always have a … [Read More...]

Time with a Graffiti Artist

Cameron Moberg and I were finally able to carve out time to get together in San Francisco, where I was able to see his work in the Mission District first hand and not on the internet.  He also gave me a lesson in the art of painting graffiti.  We had planned to do it outside, but it was a cool, … [Read More...]