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Life is Full of Ironies

Sometimes I spot ironies in the newspaper and wonder if the stories are put close by design or accident.  Here’s an example: Abortion clinic will be first to open. A district court judge ruled it unnecessary for an Austin, Texas abortion clinic to … [Read More...]

Daydreaming on the Couch

A writer is supposed to write, right?  Well, sometimes I have to shut off my computer and walk away.  I’m not admitting defeat.  I’m leaving the forest so I can see the individual trees.  I’m coming up for air. I wish it were easy to write.  I … [Read More...]

Mother’s Day

Every time Mother’s Day rolls around, I think of Mom.  Not that I don’t think of my mother many times during the year.  We had fun together. She and Dad were the ones who taught me to love nature.  While Dad fished with my brother, Mom and I would … [Read More...]

Flash, Macros and Nano Fiction

I recently took a class in “flash fiction” taught by Ben Wolf of Splickety Publishing Group.  I’d never heard of flash fiction or micro and nano fiction.  Flash fiction is 1000 words or less, micro less than 300, and nano less than 100.  Each of … [Read More...]