Praise for Earth Psalms

Earth Psalms is a gorgeous book. The pages, the colors, the pictures and the cover are, themselves, works of art depicting brushstrokes of God on the breathtaking face of earth. But it's the writing—insightful, fragrant and personal—that breathes this beauty to life and transports us in our imaginations to each scene. What captivates me most is that beloved fiction author Francine Rivers invites us, in this nonfiction offering, not only into her Father's world but into her own. You will be so glad you came.”
— New York Times bestselling author Beth Moore

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Tea at Holly’s

  There are people in the world who have the gift of hospitality, and my friend Holly is one of them.  She’s been entertaining for years; teachers, neighbors, missionaries, anyone who looks like they need a little spoiling.  When Holly says she’s having a tea party, I’d postpone heart surgery to … [Read More...]

Monkey See, Monkey Sue

For a couple of seconds, I thought the headline must be a joke. But then, I remembered: I live in California! The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco is reviewing the case of Naruto, a crested macaque monkey on the Indonesian Island of Sulawesis, verses David Slater (photographer) and … [Read More...]

Hawklets in the Backyard

We had hawks and hawklets when we lived up on Longleaf Court. When we took a look at this home backed up to acres of green space on the flood plain dotted with oaks and willows, I spotted another pair of hawks. Woohoo!! The neighbors on the other side of the county culvert have a forest of redwoods … [Read More...]