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Family Pets

An excerpt from Earth Psalms, available October 4: Writers of the Bible taught lessons through all aspects of the natural world, including plants and animals, reptiles and insects. King David used metaphors of sheep and pastures. Solomon wrote proverbs about sparrows and dogs, pigs and vipers, … [Read More...]

Mount Saint Helens

An excerpt from Earth Psalms, available October 4: I hope this book will encourage you to look at the world God created and search for the subtle messages that will expand your love for Him and your desire for a closer relationship with Him. So lean in, look more closely at the treasure trove, … [Read More...]

Earth Psalms Sneak Peak

I’m excited to show you a sample devotional from my new book, Earth Psalms, available October 4. Click here for this sneak peek. I love the way the Earth Psalms devotional is set up. While I wrote the earth psalms, Karin Buursma collaborated with me and wrote the enrichment sections. There … [Read More...]

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