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The Dark Side of the Super Bowl

I have in my hands an “album” with pictures of missing children (ages 14-17) that is being given to convenience stores and other businesses in the neighborhoods of San Francisco, San Jose and Santa Clara. These business managers will also be offered … [Read More...]

Possibilities List 2016

Possibilities List for 2016 After the excitement and joy of Christmas, I begin to ponder the coming year – and my possibilities list.  A wise friend once told me “resolutions” has a legalistic sound to it, a “must do” that puts stress on one to … [Read More...]

Saying Goodbye

Rick and I attended a beautiful memorial service for his cousin this week-end.  My brother and sister-in-law also attended, the wife being a close friend of my sister-in-law, Rick’s cousin a good friend of my brother.  Dave and his wife met at my … [Read More...]

Coulda Shoulda

Rick has just lost a special cousin to cancer.  We were able to visit him twice, and hoped to see him again.  We also wanted to know if he believed in Jesus and knew where he was going.  His face lit up when we asked, and he said, “Oh, yes, I believe … [Read More...]

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