Winterizing a Soul

I love working in the garden, even when I’m cutting away and pulling up so many plants that the yard looks barren when compared to spring and summer.

Sometimes we must do the same kind of work on ourselves.

Raul and Enrique came to prune the vineyard last weekend.  These two wonderful friends have been training me in what needs to be done.  If left to me, I’d snip here and there, haphazardly.  Enrique knows where to cut away an entire cordon.  We’re experimenting this year and leaving shoots that can be trained on the second wire.  While Raul measured nutrients and fertilized each vine, Enrique showed me how to bend and tie the branches so there will be more fruit next year.

There is pruning going on in my life right now, too, and it can be confusing and painful.  Things I’ve counted as important for years are being cut away.  For a time, or forever, I don’t know.  But I trust the One who applies the saw, shears, and clippers.  The vineyard will be beautiful and productive by summer.  My life will be changed and renewed.

Roses need pruning, too.  I’ve watched YouTube videos on doing this task.  I learned that the main canes come from the bottom and produce growth, while the lateral canes produce the blooms.  Several experts used an acrostic: PRUNE.

Prepare your plant.  Cut canes that can’t be trained.

Remove all diseased, dead, and canes that cross.

Understand your plant and how you want it to grow and bloom in spring and summer.

Nothing left behind.  Collect and discard all the clippings.

Enjoy your rose!


I can see how all this applies to my life. My roots need to be deep into God’s word, take with Him and listen through prayer, trusting Him daily so I will grow strong in faith.  I need to keep my eyes focused on the eternal perspective.  God designed me and planted me where I am.  He is the Gardener who knows how to cut away the sin in my life so that I can be trained to the trellis of Christ and bring forth blooms of worshipful rejoicing.