When Family Moves Away

Not too long ago, our daughter informed us that our s-i-l had found a dream-job opportunity that would make him a very happy man.  Surprise!  The job is in another state.  Eighteen months ago, our daughter helped find our new home — within five-minutes of she and her family.  We’ve been spoiled to have them so close.

In fact, we’ve been spoiled having our three children within visiting range, though we’re all so busy, visits can be a couple times a year.  I have friends who have children scattered all over the country, some overseas serving in the military.  At least our daughter is only an hour flight away.

If we do our job as parents, our children grow up and leave home.  They step up and take responsibility and go where they need to go in order to thrive.

We have mixed feelings about the whole flying off thing.  Time to go, go, go!  And then grieving when they’re gone, wondering when you’ll see them again.

But I can’t complain. I’m not watching my children pack a wagon and head west. I don’t have to wonder how many months it will take for my letter to reach its destination.  Rick and I aren’t like our great grandparents who saw their children head off to America and never saw them again, not in this life anyway.  Who knows?  Our children’s children may be sending their children off to colonize Mars.

Sometimes young adults raise their fist in the air on the way out the door.  I gotta get out of this place!  Others head off with a woeful look over their shoulder, longing for the green green grass of home.  A few head off into the wild blue yonder, soaring, and then come knocking at the door.  Here I am again, coming home to the ones who love me.

Our children are exactly where they need to be, wherever that is.  We pray and know God keeps watch over them.  He has a plan for their lives, and it’s better than anything we can come up with – though we tended to try.

And what about me and Rick?  Here we are, just the two of us again.  Back to the original duo.

Ah, the limitless possibilities for R&R and adventure!