What can you do for the Dad who has everything?

I ran into this problem when Rick’s birthday rolled around this year.  After 40 years together, I couldn’t think of one thing he wanted or needed.  When I asked him what he would like for his birthday, he shrugged.  Neither of us needs more “stuff”.   He reads several books a week.  So who is to know which one he hasn’t yet read?  He has all the clothes he needs, and he’s still locked in the same style he wore back in high school.  Levis.  Hensley shirts.  OP shorts (when we can find them). I tried to imagine him in some of the low-hanging pants boys wear these days and had a good laugh. 

My daughter, Shannon, came up with a wonderful idea on what to give the man who has everything:  write down 10-20 things you love about your husband.  I found a nice box and started making up small cards.  I didn’t stop with 20.  I didn’t stop until the box was too full to close.  And guess what?  The gift didn’t disappear into a drawer this year.  It sits on the bookshelf in our bedroom where it reminds him daily of how much I value and love him.  He’s got it in writing. 

What works for birthdays will work very nicely for Father’s Day (even if you’ve already purchased a gift). 

May good memories of your fathers be bountiful!