Transitions and Christmas

Moving is one of those activities that is listed high up on the stress charts.  We’ve now been in our new home for two months and the work hasn’t stopped.  I don’t think I’m stressed.  I don’t feel stressed.  Rick would be the one to tell you if he’s noticed any stress cracks showing up on the Richter scale.

Now that the rains have come, we will have a respite from workers inside and outside the house.  The painters finished the inside yesterday, and the heating ducts in the attic are now in good shape and properly wrapped for better efficiency.  The faulty electrical outlets have been replaced. Just Rick, Sarge and me in the house today.

I love looking out the window and seeing the cloud layer on the fields when dawn comes. The mists rise gradually into the redwoods.  And now it’s raining, cause for celebration after a long drought.

My traditions have been put on hold this year.  I can’t find my collection of Christmas movies, CDs and books.  (I’m binging on “This is Us” right now.)  Downsizing meant giving away the herd of reindeer I’ve collected over the years (starting with the ones given away by McDonald’s when our children were small).  I kept five. Several boxes of Christmas decorations went out the door to local charities well in time for others to enjoy them.

My collection of tools is growing.  Rake, hoe, clippers, gloves, a wheelbarrow.  My bucket list is changing, too: learn to make a worm farm, learn how to prune grapevines and an apple tree, learn what plants will bring flocks of birds visiting. Moving brings changes beyond location.

All of which reminds me of Mary and Joseph moving from Nazareth to Bethlehem.  And she did it in advanced pregnancy and riding a donkey!  What they probably thought was a short stay to register for the census turned into a longer stay and then another much longer and harder journey to their next home in Egypt before they moved back to Nazareth.  Every step was guided by our loving God with a miraculous plan to save the world.

God still has unique and perfect plans for each of His children.  Rick and I know God orchestrated this transition for us. He has walked us through the entire process.  Instead of feeling stressed, we feel energized and excited about where He has placed us, knowing He has a plan ready for the days ahead.