The Herringbone Dress

My mother was frugal.  She seldom bought clothes for herself.  She spent most of her life in a nurse’s uniform.  The minute she got home, she headed for the shower.  Tossing her uniform into the washing machine, she changed into “work clothes” — inexpensive paint-stained polyester pants and shirts she made herself.  She had one blouse pattern she liked and reused it over the years.  She also made skirts and tops.  The only “store-bought” dress I remember was a black and white herringbone with a fitted top and straight skirt.  It looked very nice on her, but she wore it so often, we all complained.  Finally, we all plotted and got rid of it.  Dad gave her something equally nice.  But it’s strange. After all these years, the one dress I remember Mom wearing is that one. 

Did your parents have a favorite style?