The Grand Canyon

I read a story the other day about an expedition that traveled the Colorado River into the Grand Canyon.  About halfway in, the explorers hit dangerous rapids.  Some of the explorers were thrown from the boats and died in the turbulent waters.  Others managed to make it to the riverbank.  The river ahead looked threatening with more rapids.  The decision of what to do was split.  Some decided to turn around and go back.  Some decided to forge ahead.  The two groups went their separate ways.  Those who went forward did meet more dangerous rapids – but only for a short period of time before the river calmed and the rest of their exploration proved calm and safe with gorgeous vistas.  Sadly, every member of the group who turned back died. 

This story has a spiritual message, too.  Stay the course.  Don’t give up.  Keep walking the walk with Jesus.  Times may get harder, but stay in the boat.  Ride the rapids of life with Him.  No matter how things look, in Christ we can have peace.  In Him we are safe for all eternity.