Sound Bites

I tend to collect interesting tidbits of information from our newspaper, a magazine, or something in conversation that I can’t wait to look up and confirm.  Here are some examples:

Baby brain facts: babies can hear at 24 weeks into pregnancy, and from then on are hard wired for relationship.  Our babies recognized our voices.  Rick used to read to them when they were nestled in the womb.  I talked to them all the time, rubbing my tummy as I did so.  Our eldest lifted his head and looked right at his daddy shortly after birth.  I know that voice! What kind of voice do you want your baby hearing? 

A chameleon has two eyes that move independently.  Reminds me of some people who can’t make up their mind on where to focus.  On whom or what do you focus?

Newspaper: “…trees are one of our strongest allies in the fight against climate change.”  Researchers say: If we planted a whole lot more of them in just the right places, they could reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere to levels not seen in 100 years.  Who do you think came up with the idea of trees healing an environment?

The venom of a poisonous snake mixed with lamb’s blood becomes anti-venom.  Is it a coincidence that the blood of Jesus, the Lamb of God, is humanity’s anti-venom for sin and death?

A salmon’s cellular and behavioral systems allow it to maintain a healthy salt level whether it’s living in fresh or salt-water.  A dragonfly’s flight capabilities and high-tech visual systems enable it to hunt with deadly precision.  Hummingbirds have amazing dexterity, speed and endurance.  And there are a whole lot more creatures out there that are wonderfully and fearfully made.  How can we or any of these creatures be explained by the theory evolution?   

I love this Jewish Sabbath Prayer: 

Days pass. 

Years vanish. 

And we walk sightless among miracles.