Reader Response to Redeeming Love

When I’m asked what responses I’ve received from readers, I am always cautious in answering.  For one thing, many of the letters I’ve received are extremely personal and come from wells of pain and suffering. 

I’ve had letters from men and women who have experienced all manner of abuse.  Some events happened during childhood, others continue to experience suffering in their marriages and relationships.  Some readers identify with Michael, suffering over the infidelity of a beloved spouse.  Others identify with Angel and her horrifying childhood. 

I’ve received letters from prostitutes, incest survivors, rape victims, battered wives, faithful, loving husbands married to an Angel, men and women in prison where they’re facing their past and crying out to God for answers.  I’ve also received letters from counselors and facilities that offer help or a place of safety and healing. 

In every case, I know that God has made Himself known to these precious individuals.  The Lord is reaching into their hearts and saying, “Come to ME.” 

The story of Redeeming Love isn’t about me.  It’s not about my writing.  It is and always will be all about HIM.  The Lord can use anything to let His children know He loves them–even a work of fiction. 

If Redeeming Love has touched you, please understand that it is God who pierced your armor and wants to enter your heart fully, not for a day or a few hours–but forever.