Pearl Harbor

Today is the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.  It marks America’s entering a war that already raged in Europe.  We thought we could be at peace, but war came at us from both sides.  Millions died because of the evil intent of a few who wanted to have power over all. 

Where are they now?

There is a war every day that goes on over the souls of mankind.  We want to be our own master.  We want to be like God.  We want to be God with control over our lives.  We are, after all, the offspring of Adam and Eve.  We swallow the lie and poison is in our blood. 

It is a war, a constant war that Satan wages against us, using our own minds as the battlefield.  He hates and wars against God.  How better to stab at God than by taking His children captive?  Satan deceives in order to destroy, and he has many weapons.  Doubt.  Fear.  Hate.  Do what you think right in your own eyes.  Get what you want.  Wage war against one another.  Kill.  Satan delights in lies and death.  He continually tries to construct walls around us to keep us from God.

There’s only one way out of prison, one way over the walls and into peace: faith in Jesus Christ.

Jesus came.

Jesus sees.

Jesus conquered sin and death.

Jesus is coming again. 

Are you ready?