On the elections

I try to avoid politics when blogging, but feel I need to say a few things about the coming election. 

I cannot in good conscience vote for any party that makes sin (unlimited abortion; gay marriage) primary points in their platform.  Nor can I vote for a man who is actively hostile toward biblical principles and Christianity. 

One of President Obama’s many attacks has been the repeated attempt to revoke conscience protection for health workers who refuse to participate in medical activities (abortion) that go against their beliefs.  I believe abortion is just the beginning of what is included in “Obamacare”.  

Everything is all about money these days.  Baby Boomers are flooding the Medicare system.  President Obama says he cares about people (giving 3% to charity?) and the elderly especially, but has already syphoned money to other programs.  I believe euthanasia is coming.  And I can hear the rationale from the non-medical council that will make policy decisions.  It won’t be a doctor or nurse or family making a decision with a patient, but a system dealing in numbers, not lives.  The elderly (67 and above) will find health care postponed, then delayed (indefinitely); i.e. passive euthanasia.  Eventually, as the consequences of our rising national debt continues to cripple our economy (more people out of work – less taxes), active euthanasia will come, along with rhetoric to cloak murder.   A phrase like “lacking quality of life” can make murder sound like mercy. 

During the last three plus years, I’ve read and listened to the news, and I believe President Barak Obama speaks the truth when he says he wants to bring change.  Early in his first presidential election, he spoke of New Foundations for America.  He wanted people to think back to FDR’s New Deal and Kennedy’s New Frontier.  New Foundations sent up a red flag for many and his mantra became “change”.  He is shrewd; he is devious. 

The thing is, I don’t want new foundations.  I want the original ones intended by our founding fathers.  I wonder how many of our children know 52 out of the 56 signers of our Declaration of Independence were Christians?  That two who weren’t (Franklin and Jefferson) agreed enough in principle to have God mentioned four times in the Declaration of Independence?  How many know that Benjamin Franklin called for prayer and that delegates fasted and prayed for three days and went from church to church worshipping God and asking for prayer before completing the Constitution? 

Our nation is being destroyed by ignorance, run by prideful men who laugh and mock those who stand against them.  In this time of crisis, we need to reassess our Christian values, not abandon them!