Oil and Water

I saw a picture the other day of the Straits of Juan del Fuego where the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans meet.  You could see where the waters collided and didn’t blend. Why? They have different salinity.  Some doubted the veracity of the picture, but it reminded me of oil and water.  They do not mix.

Some things can’t be mixed.

Truth does not mix with dishonesty.  There is one Truth, and He is a person, Jesus Christ.  He leads to clarity and love.  “Your truth” and “my truth” lead to confusion and chaos.  The Truth of God leads to a firm foundation of agape love.  Truth that is defined by each individual human being is built on pride and self-interest.

Good does not mix with evil.  In the historical, biblical book of Judges, there was a time when every man lived according to what was right in his own eyes. Israel suffered invasion, great hardship, persecution, and defeat.  The most frightening words in Scripture are, “God gave them over to the desires of their own hearts”.

The Word of God does not mix with man-created philosophies.  The Word of God is inerrant, authoritative, unchanging, God-breathed, with a baseline of a deep, abiding love for ALL mankind.  There is ONE race in Scripture: the human race. Secular teachings change from one year to the next, depending on who is in power, and which group holds the upper hand.  When man tries to raise one group up, another group is always pushed down.  God desires us to become one family united in love through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Freedom does not mix with slavery.  God gave us life and free will.  When we choose to reject God, we inevitably sink into slavery to whatever false god we have chosen to follow.

Man plans, but God prevails.  Oil and water still don’t mix.