Obamacare, Care Scare, and Hyperbole

I have been reading articles on Obamacare and trying to make sense of it all.  I guess I’m not alone.  One telling sentence in our local (very liberal) newspaper said “the most important thing to know is that everybody must buy insurance or else pay a penalty.  You must obtain insurance, either through your employer or, if they do not offer it, through the Covered California exchange or a broker.” 


“California exchange” gives me chills.  We are such a well-run, solvent state, you know.  For the most part, we’ve managed to tax and regulate business so they have (or are) fleeing elsewhere.  At last count, the (Demo majority) legislature was coming up with 1200+ new laws.  I wish they’d shut our state government down! But then, I’m sure they would find a way to punish the people just as the feds are doing as they:


Close all the national parks

 Keep all military personnel on duty, but delay their paychecks

Don’t answer the telephone when people are calling to sign up for Obamacare

Make veterans wait (longer) in regard to appeals for denied disability benefits

Employ hyperbole:  “This is all the fault of the Republicans!” 

        “This is all about Obamacare!”


            I think this is all about politics and power.  It has been said before, but I’m saying it again:  The government that controls your health care controls your life.   And, as the Supreme Court pointed out, Obamacare is a tax program

Frankly, there might be benefits to shutting the government down for a while.  Maybe this will all turn out like the doctors’ strike some years ago in Los Angeles when the death rate dropped.  Needless to say, the doctors settled when the stats came out.  Just think of it!  Shut down Congress and members can’t figure out new laws and new regulations and new ways to spend tax dollars they don’t have, and new ways to raise taxes on an already tax-burdened middle class.  Shut down Congress and the states may run smoothly without their interference. 

Could that be the real fear behind all the rhetoric?