Some people hate rules.  They think God is a kill-joy for carving laws into stone and handing them down to Moses.  Stubbornness is in our DNA.  So is complaining.  Grumble, grumble.  God says what?  Who cares?  We can do it our way, and we try.  Read the morning newspaper to see how that’s working.

We need rules.

Think of driving as a metaphor for holy living.  What would it be like to drive the highways and byways without any rules?  What if no one had to stay on their own side of the road?  What if everyone could drive as fast – or as s-l-o-w as they wanted to go?  Everyone would be happy doing their own thing.  Right?

We wouldn’t get very far before we got in a wreck.  Think fiery wrecks like you see in the movies.  Think major serious injuries, broken bones, shattered lives. 

We need help if we’re going to get out of this world alive.

We aren’t just handed a license when we turn 16 (thank God!).   We have an instructor in the beginning, but it isn’t just book learning.  We get behind the wheel and practice. 

Bumps built into the macadam alongside the road let a sleepy driver know he’s about to go into a ditch.  Signs let us know sharp curves are coming or animals might be darting across the road. Lines in the middle let you know if it’s safe to pass or if there are road conditions that prevent you from seeing oncoming traffic.  Lights and green arrows help you cross intersections.  Signage tells you where to get on the road and where to exit.   Signage also gives you directions, tells you what highway you’re on, where you’re going, what your destination will be if you stay the course you’re on.

When you take your eyes off the road, you risk getting into an accident.  A couple of seconds of texting can get you killed – or kill someone else. 

The Ten Commandments are clear and simple.   Basically, they say love God and love one another and here’s how to do it.  He even sent His Son to explain the heart of His laws and how far He was willing to go to bring us safely home.  Love Him above all else and He will enable you to love others by indwelling His Spirit within you.  He’ll keep you alive

God will even teach you how to love the ones who don’t want to follow the rules of the road.