Life in the Womb

When conception occurs, all the God-designed instructions of what the person will be are set; sex, eye color, physical attributes, intelligence, gifts.  By the second week, the baby attaches and burrows into the wall of his/her mother’s womb. Within the next week, blood vessels and sex cells form.  The foundations for the brain, spinal column and nervous system are established.

The baby’s heart beat can be heard at one month in the womb. Eyes, ears and lungs begin developing.  Tiny arms and legs and a baby’s face develop over the next seven days, and the blood now pumps separately from the mother. Tiny fingers and toes and the division of the brain into three parts for emotional and language, hearing and seeing develop. Seven more days and brain activity is detectable, 99% of the muscles are present and milk teeth form.

By the eighth week, the baby begins to move in the mother’s womb.  Every organ is present, and the skull, elbows and knees begin to form.  If prodded at nine weeks, the baby’s eyes and hands will close. Genitalia become evident and muscular movement begins.  By ten weeks, the baby has fingerprints uniquely his/her own identification, and nerve and muscle connections have tripled.

The baby practices “breathing” and facial expressions at eleven weeks. (Who says a baby can’t smile?)

By the third month, the baby can swallow and feel and respond to skin stimulation. The baby can feel pain.

From the third month on, he or she grows, but all that was necessary for this new life was established at conception.  God is the giver of life, each child a gift from Him.

It has been said that the most dangerous place on earth is in the womb of an American woman.

For women facing crisis pregnancies, no matter the circumstances, and not wanting the responsibility or change a child brings, please know there are many others who long to walk with you through your time of trial and who will embrace and bring up your little one as their own.  Help is available through the volunteers at your local pregnancy counseling center.