Inputting corrections

Inputting corrections has to be the most tedious part of the writing process.  Shannon and I have survived our experiment so far, and the dictation system is working.  We’ve done one chapter together. It turns out she’s an editor as well as a good typist.  She stopped me several times and made good suggestions.  More changes.  I also got feedback from the peanut gallery.   Two home-schooled grandchildren are in the living room doing their work, but also listening to the story.  They don’t have editing changes, but comments about my characters.  My grandson has a way with words and puns; so we must avoid letting the comic routine start or we’ll all be laughing instead of working. 

My office still has stacks of chapters with clips and notes.  I have them in three piles; one pile of chapters that will need to be dictated or take me a week to do on my own, another pile I can do on my own, and the completed chapters (now seven). 

I’m trying another new thing this time, in the hope it will help my Tyndalean editors and my agent.  I’m writing thumbnail sketches of scenes in each chapter.  At a whopping 183,000 words, I know the manuscript will have to be cut, cut, cut.  This will help us all figure out where and what can go.  I can see one section now that will need the editorial discussion with the professionals to figure out how to keep the muscle and lose the fat.  Sometimes I can get too close to the work to see what has to go.  I had lists of pantry items in my last book and the main character decorated three residences…

Each book has its challenges.  I still have a lot to learn about writing!