Ideas on Governance

If I could be a harbinger of change, what changes would I want to see? 

1 – Every incoming president must write the Bill of Rights and the entire Constitution in his own hand-writing and carry it with him during his term of office.  He is required to read it at least once a week. 

2 –  The president shall serve one six year term in office.  Hence, the president will not waste taxpayer time and money campaigning, but will focus entirely on his duties as president.

3 –  Congressmen/women will be allowed a limited number of terms in office.  They are to be servants of the people, not professional politicians.

4 – Congressmen/women are servants of the people and will be paid the median income of the citizenry they serve.  They will have the same opportunities as citizens to save money through IRAs and 401Ks.  They will have a group health insurance policy.  They can file for Social Security when they reach the age to receive earned benefits.

5 –  Anytime Congress presents a budget that exceeds the current income generated by taxes, every member forfeits his or her pay. 

6 –   Any law without a specific provision for time frame will automatically expire and be deleted from the books. 

7  –  Eliminate tax law.  Every citizen will tithe the federal government.  Every corporation will tithe the government.  This tithe will come straight out of their gross income and be paid directly into the U.S. Treasury.

8 –  Only non-profit, charitable organizations will be tax-exempt.

9 –   Any able-bodied person applying for Welfare will be assigned community service for half a day five days a week (allowing them time to seek a full-time employment).  A person does have the right to refuse work.  Those who do so will not receive taxpayer funds.  

10 –  Every Supreme Court case will be decided not on precedents, but on the Constitution and Constitutional Amendments.  The original document is the heartbeat of America.  

None of the above ideas are new.  Many come from Scripture. 

One thing is certain:  We don’t need the government functioning as it does today with 60 regulatory agencies handling 144,000 pages of rules and regulations which can and have been used for everything from closing down children’s lemonade stands to church pie sales.