Hurricanes, Firestorms, and Ballistic Missiles

This has been an interesting few months for me and Rick. Not long ago, we went on a two-week southern states road trip with friends.  We were a day ahead of a hurricane, then a tornado and major flooding.  One place we visited was four feet under water the next day.  When we made our circular route back to Dallas, our friends received a call in the middle of the night. Fire in Santa Rosa! We flew home as our town evacuated. Over the next few days, 5700 homes and businesses were destroyed by fire.

And then Maui and our family vacation this past week.

There is nothing like the soft island breezes, whales frolicking in the distance and sunshine – until you get an alert on your phone and through the resort PA system that a ballistic missile is headed your way.  “This is not a drill!”  Everyone was told to return to their rooms and take cover. Seriously?  The command reminded me of drills back in grade school when everyone was expecting a nuclear war to break out.  “Get away from the windows and duck under your desk.”

On Maui, the family was split between two resorts.

Frankly, my first thought was three members of our family would be safe and alive on the mainland. Those of us on Maui might be headed home sooner than we expected.  And I don’t mean home to California.  I mean home to the Lord and heaven.  Not a bad thought when you really think about it. And knowing that part of our future brings calm.

We prayed, relaxed and waited.  No sense of panic.  Where can you go to avoid a missile attack when you’re on an island?  You might as well go out and enjoy the surf.  And that’s where we would have gone if hotel staff hadn’t been adamant about the lockdown.

I must say the experiences of the past few months made me wonder what other surprises might be in store for us on our five-hour flight across the Pacific.  Rick and I always pray on take-off (and landing).  “We’re in your hands, Lord.  Your will be done.”

That prayer is true for everyone, even those who don’t know the Lord.  Life is so much better and calmer when you do.