Good Things

What are the “good things” Jesus talks about in Matthew 7:7-11?  All good gifts come from the Father. For a long time, I thought that meant a husband, children, a nice home, a good car, savings, travel, things.  As wonderful as all those blessings are, as much as we enjoyed them, there remains a yearning for something more

I yearn for “good things”, too.   Most of what I want now will take my cooperation. Every good thing will require that I make a choice.  I’ve faced these choices many times and failed often to make the right one.  Hence, I ask God to do the work in me so I can experience the good things He offers each of us on a daily basis.

–         A grateful heart even in adversity or illness

–         A heart and mind that absorbs God’s instructions and applies His grace so I can offer love to others.

–         A childlike faith – complete trust in the Lord in all circumstances – especially those that involve the trials suffered by my husband, my children, my close friends

–         A childlike wonder over God’s amazing creation

–         A forgiving heart

–         Eyes and ears to see opportunities where I can share my faith in Jesus

–         Empathy for others

–         A true sense of self so I can quickly recognize my faults, take responsibility and repent

–         Complete peace about the future

–         Work to do that has purpose, even when I am old

–         Good friends who speak truth even when it hurts

–         The ability to sense God’s Presence, feel the nudges, hear His whisper and the desire to surrender all, no matter what He asks of me. 

–         Transformation from the inside out, something only God can do.

Houses decay and crumble in an earthquake.  Things are tossed or given away with the passing years.  But the good things God gives last a lifetime.